Audio Description

Audio description

for blind and visually-impaired people

We offer the full package: writing the audio-description script, timing and synchronising it with the image, and script recording in our own studio. We have a wide range of professional voice-over artists available for our clients’ use.

Audio-description for film and TV : in accordance with the UNE/AENOR quality standard 153020.

Live audio-description: for theatre and other events that seek to be accessible to everyone.


Audio description is the most suitable tool for blind or visually-impaired people to access media (TV, cinema, video games, etc.). Audio description’s ultimate objective is to allow the viewer to receive the message as similar as a sighted person would. This service has also proven to be useful for people with cognitive problems.

Audio descriptions are also requested by anyone that prefers to access to an audiovisual product without images. Audio description has not yet been marketed as a consumer product in Spain but it is being increasingly used for audiobooks in other countries.

Considering all this, audio description for blind and visually-impaired people has become an added value for audiovisual content. This means that the target public becomes larger and audio description becomes a customisable product, as the audience is able to use them according to their preferences and/or needs.

The General Law on Audiovisual Communication was passed in 2010 in Spain, meaning that including captions became obligatory. This law established a schedule indicating when audiovisual media must provide access services for its viewers. In addition to the new regulations, the digital switchover brought with it new possibilities. It has proven once more that audio description for blind and visually-impaired people improves the audiovisual product: either by being more socially responsible or simply by making it more commercially attractive (more people can access the content).


Audio description is developed by adding audio that describes the images on the screen. We use the gaps between the messages on the original soundtrack, i.e. the empty spaces between dialogues and other relevant sounds.

Specific skills are needed to write “auto description scripts”, which describes the images and includes time codes. Audio description script writers must have an excellent command of language, be objective in their expression so as to respect the rhythm and the originality of every piece of work and author. We also have to be sure to adapt the language in accordance with the target public (children, teens, and adults).

Our services

At Textual we are able to offer the whole package: writing the script, calculating the timings, providing the voice-over and recording.

Textual’s audio descriptions are edited by communication specialists in our Production Department. They are specially trained audio description script writers and have vast experience working in this field. All audio descriptions also pass through our Quality Control Department, where they are meticulously revised, ensuring that any mistakes or technical issues are corrected. The script is then recorded by a voice-over professional in our own recording studio, equipped with professional technical material. We work with experienced sound technicians and voice-over professionals. Our audio description service complies with the quality standard UNE/AENOR 15320.

We offer individualised quotes in terms of deadlines and rates, depending on your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote. If you have any queries or would like advice about a project, please contact us by email ( or call us (+ 34 622 767179 – +34 959 049308). We love talking about our work!