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Sign language interpreting services

We offer any type of sign language interpreting and work with our own qualified interpreters.

Pre-recorded Spanish Sign Language Interpreting: Spanish Sign Language Interpreting + recording + editing for TV, Internet, DVD, etc.

Live Spanish Sign Language Interpreting: for events that want to reach a global public.

Sign guide for deaf and hearing impaired people: we offer a complete package, from writing the script to giving the tour. Check out our Accessible Tourism services.


Sign language is a linguistic system that uses manual communication, body language and facial expression to convey meanings and is traditionally used by deaf or hard-of-hearing people. Sign languages are born of humans’ intrinsic need to be able to communicate with each other. They develop naturally and have evolved throughout history. They can express any kind of idea, emotion, opinion, etc., no matter how abstract and have their own vocabulary, grammar and syntax. The only difference between oral and sign languages is that oral languages are transmitted through the auditory-oral channel, while sign languages are transmitted through the visual-gestural channel.

Sign languages are not universal: every country has its own, just like oral languages. In Spain, besides the Spanish sign language (LSE, by its acronym in Spanish), there is Catalonian sign language (LSC, by its acronym in Spanish). There is also the International Sign System (ISS), which allows communication between deaf people all over the world.

Sign language interpreting or signing facilitates communication between deaf people and hearing people. Sign language interpreters translate between spoken language and sign language, and this service makes information accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing people, whether it is oral or written. Sign language is the mother tongue for many deaf people, using it to communicate in everyday life. As such, some deaf people have problems with reading and writing and understanding written language.

The General Law on Audiovisual Communication was passed in 2010 in Spain, meaning that including captions became obligatory. This law established a schedule indicating when audiovisual media must provide access services for its viewers. Furthermore, a regional law was passed (11/2011 of 5th December) on the use of Spanish sign language in Andalusia. It has had a positive impact on the recognition of sign language and has encouraged its use in different environments.


Signing is often performed at live events. The sign language interpreter is physically present and translates all of the information that is spoken. This is also the case when the interpreter accompanies a deaf or hard-of-hearing person to make events such as courses, conferences and seminars more accessible to them.

Live signing is normally used for audiovisual media too. The sign language interpreter works from a booth but simultaneously translates the discourse. This is the case when parliament sessions are broadcast on television: the sign language interpreter appears on the screen in a small window. On other occasions the signing is pre-recorded, making pre-recorded content accessible so that it can be broadcast on TV or any other environment.

At Textual awe also offer the translation of any text to sign language as a service, so that all deaf people are able to access it. This service is becoming increasingly popular, especially for websites, where videos with sign language interpretation can be included alongside written content. Signing can also be applied to literary works and to any text for an international audience..

Our services

At Textual, our sign language interpretation service covers every stage of the process: from translating the original text, signing it and recording it, and editing the video to be embedded on the screen.

We work with a network of qualified and trusted sign language interpreters, who are available to work anywhere, at any time. We work with recording technicians and video editors using professional equipment that ensures impeccable quality. All videos pass through our Quality Control Department where they are revised before they are sent to the client.

We offer individualised quotes in terms of deadlines and rates, depending on your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote. If you have any queries or would like advice about a project, please contact us by email ( or call us (+ 34 622 767179 – +34 959 049308). We love talking about our work!