Captioning and subtitles


Captioning and subtitling services

We offer our clients every solution imaginable regarding subtitling and captioning: every language, every format (.stl, .srt, .pac…) and for every environment:

Captioning for deaf people: in accordance with the UNE/AENOR quality standard 153010.
Multilingual subtitling for original version recordings: we work in any language combination!
Subtitle projection: written text is projected onto a screen during festivals or events.
Subtitle adaptation: changing the formatting, editing times and frames, revising, etc.

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Audio description


Audio description services for blind and visually-impaired people

We offer the full package: writing the audio-description script, timing and synchronising it with the image, and script recording in our own studio. We have a wide range of professional voice-over artists available for our clients’ use.

Audio-description for film and TV: in accordance with the UNE/AENOR quality standard 153020.
Live audio-description: for theatre and other events that seek to be accessible to everyone.

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Sign language interpreting


Sign language interpreting services

We offer any type of sign language interpreting and work with our own qualified interpreters.

Pre-recorded Spanish Sign Language Interpreting: Spanish Sign Language Interpreting + recording + editing for TV, Internet, DVD, etc.
Live Spanish Sign Language Interpreting: for events that want to reach a global public.
Sign guide: for deaf and hearing impaired people: we offer a complete package, from writing the script to giving the tour. Check out our Accessible Tourism services.

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Accessible Tourism


Accessible tourism services

We offer tourist information that is accessible to everyone by translating it into different languages and adapting it for people with visual or hearing impairments.

Tourist audio guides: we can adapt information for any client or place of interest.
Sign guide: full package from script writing to giving tours.
Other services: we can give you advice about making your service accessible and offer personalised projects.

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Other Services


Other translation, interpreting and communication services

At Textual, we are experts in making information accessible to everyone. We have professional sound and image equipment and our own recording studio. Tell us what you need and we’ll offer you a personalised solution.

Website translation and linguistic services: localisation, revision and layout.
Voice-over: different languages and registers.
Sound and image: post-production, edition, digitalisation, etc.

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