Accessible Tourism

Accessible tourism services

We offer tourist information that is accessible to everyone by translating it into different languages and adapting it for people with visual or hearing impairments.

Tourist audio guides: we can adapt information for any client or place of interest.

Sign guide: full package from script writing to giving tours.

Other services: we can give you advice about making your service accessible and offer personalised projects.


Accessible tourism guarantees equal opportunities for everyone who wishes to use any tourism service, generating social cohesion and boosting economic growth.

Universal accessibility is essential no matter the environment, product, and tourism service so that anyone is able to use them independently and comfortably. Spanish law states that all people with any form of disability must not be discriminated against and must be appropriately integrated. This includes tourism activities, as people with disabilities should be able to enjoy their holidays just like anyone else.

What’s more, the Spanish Institute of Tourism Quality acknowledges that applying accessibility requirements to any tourism service actually increases its quality. Developing a universal tourism service (i.e. one that can be enjoyed by all) also boosts the local economy as it opens a niche market, which could prove to be highly profitable. Lastly, remodelling tourist destinations or places of interest so that they are accessible for disabled people improves local companies’ and the destination’s image and makes them more socially responsible.

When a tourist site is more accessible, everyone is able to enjoy it, ensuring equal opportunities in leisure and tourism, and therefore improving quality. Accessibility is essential for 10% of the population, necessary for 40% and makes day-to-day life more comfortable for everyone.


Accessible tourism not only overcomes physical, sensory or communication obstacles, it aims to ensure that every environment, product and tourism service can be enjoyed by everyone. Accessible tourism only exists when accessibility is included throughout the value chain: it’s not only about making a hotel or tourist attraction physically accessible, it’s about taking into account the travel experience as a whole (planning, tourist information, transport, accommodation, activities, restaurants, etc.).

Here at Textual we offer communication services especially for the tourism sector. We want to make tourist information available to everyone. To do so, we use tools like captions for deaf and hard-of-hearing people, sign language interpretation, audio description for blind people, Braille, or easy-to-read adaptations for the deaf. Furthermore, at Textual we believe that translation is an essential communication service, as it breaks down language barriers, which are ever present in the field of tourism. That’s why we include multilingual translation as part of our accessible tourism services, whether text or any kind of audiovisual material (voice-over or subtitling).

Our services

At Textual, we believe that our accessible tourism services are a way of extending our relationship with our clients who manage the tourism environment or service. We also provide social media marketing as part of our accessible tourism service, which is currently the best way of reaching a large audience. We can therefore directly communicate with users through digital communication strategies so that they too become involved in marketing the product or service.

At Textual, we have a team of experienced professionals: audiovisual technicians, trained interpreters, translators, voice-over artists, as well as qualified historians and graphic designers. Thanks to our creative and multi-disciplinary team, we can take on any project that could enrich the services that we offer. We think that communicating with the client is extremely important to ensure that we create a service that best suits their needs, guaranteeing their full satisfaction and success.

We offer individualised quotes in terms of deadlines and rates, depending on your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote. If you have any queries or would like advice about a project, please contact us by email ( or call us (+ 34 622 767179 – +34 959 049308). We love talking about our work!